Rachel Roy Curvy Collection for Fall

Earlier this year, Rachel Roy relaunched her brand and, thankfully, included plus-size options. Despite my initial frustration with her plus-size collection for spring (see previous post here), I’m still very happy to see that she has ventured into the plus-size market.

So, flash forward to the fall collection and I have to say that I see some wonderful improvements.  There are a lot of beautiful plus-size options available that are stylish and interesting.  I’m obsessed with the floral bomber jacket, the metallic dress and polka dot set, which are all currently on my shopping list. Also, I really love that editorial shots of the plus-size pieces were included on the Rachel Roy website.

(left, center, right – top|pants)
(left, center – top|skirt, right)
(left – blazer|jeans, center – top|pants, right)

As much as I love her latest pieces, I must admit that I still feel a bit shortchanged, especially when comparing the plus-size options to what is currently available in the straight-size section.  We still aren’t getting all of the same options.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely understand that there are financial limitations to duplicating an entire collection in plus sizes, but I’d still like it to happen or at least have the majority of the “wow” items (like the pieces I love herehere and here) produced in plus.  Hopefully, there will be more plus-size options included in the future.

To shop the Rachel Roy Curvy Collection, check out Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and RachelRoy.com

So, what do you all think of the Rachel Roy Curvy Collection?

Thanks for reading and happy shopping.