Rachel Roy Launches Plus-Size Spring 2016 Collection

Ever since Rachel Roy announced that she would be creating a plus-size collection for Spring 2016, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the launch.  This is mainly because there are so many amazing pieces in the straight-size section (like this and this) that I’ve been coveting and I was hoping that similar pieces would finally be available in plus sizes.

Well, today is the day and I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed.  For weeks, we were teased with articles that featured fierce images of what was to come, featuring beautiful plus-size model Candice Huffine (see images above).  However, on the Macy’s website Rachel Roy’s plus-size options look a bit lackluster, especially in comparison to the straight-size options (see here, here and here).  Perhaps, it’s the styling, the heads of the models being cut off in the images, which I hate, or the fact that I was expecting more fabulous pieces instead of relatively safe items.  Either way, for me, it didn’t inspire the urge to make any purchases just yet, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for any changes.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks, there will be more interesting pieces added to the site and even a lookbook similar to what Lane Bryant did when the Otis Collection launched last week (see previous post here).

Below, I’ve put together just a few of the items that I actually like, which are mostly basics and would make great purchases if you are currently building your wardrobe.  Shop the entire collection here.

Thanks for reading.


  1. February 11, 2016 / 11:06 am

    Looks rubbish. A secondary thought. I'm also heartily sick of plus size collections not being a continuation of the straight sizes. Ok m'am so you are plus size hence therefore you shall wear a tent.
    Or this crazy idea that women with big boobs want to wear coats, jackets or cardigans that flap around the minute you start walking!

    They also NEVER take into consideration shapes – it's apple or nothing. If you are like me and can't wear clothing for apple girls as it drowns you and you need nicely fitted but cut for curvier shapes then it's night on impossible to find anything. Think Pepperberry are about the only provider where the clothing has actual shape. Evans are awful – this collection is awful.

    Thanks for sharing though. Maybe I start my own collection.

  2. February 11, 2016 / 12:22 pm

    Thanks for commenting, Sarah. I completely agree that straight-size designers rarely make their plus-size collections in the same way; and, honestly, it's frustrating. They also rarely make all of the main collection available in plus, which sucks.

    I am hoping that in the coming weeks/months, with more feedback from customers on the items, that RACHEL Rachel Roy will make improvements. If they do, I will likely do an updated post. 🙂