Currently Craving: ASOS Curve Black Label

ASOS Curve seems to be every curvy girl’s go-to brand for fun, youthful, and fashionable clothing.  Why?  Because they do what other stores can’t, won’t, or simply fail to do, which is include plus size clothing in their stores in a meaningful way.  Plus size women are quite frequently an afterthought in most stores.  The “options” that are usually provided for us, if any, are often lackluster and shoved into a corner, basement or other out-of-sight place that is always poorly maintained.
ASOS Curve is the exception to that rule.  They are consistently providing the plus size woman with options that are comparable to what is available in straight sizes.  And with the launch of their new Black Label they are again providing the plus size woman with fantastic on-trend options.  ASOS Curve’s Black Label officially launches this November, but some pieces have already begun to trickle in (here and here).
Above, I put together a few things that I am hoping to hang in my closet come November.  I’m hoping that this is just the beginning of their expansion.
Thanks for reading.