Currently Craving: 5 Plus Size Dresses from Last Call Neiman Marcus

As you all can tell, despite my limited budget, I tend to gravitate toward mid-end to high-end stores.  In order to stay on budget, I spend a lot of time bargain hunting at Macy’s, Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack, and Off 5th Saks Fifth Avenue.  However, recently, I have started looking more at Neiman Marcus, especially their outlet store – Last Call Neiman Marcus. While I have found 5 adorable dresses for plus size girls (pictured above), I became profoundly annoyed by both the regular and outlet stores because of the utter lack of attention paid to the plus size customer, which is evident just by looking at their plus size department online.

At Last Call Neiman Marcus, they had a pretty decent selection of plus size options, but what was missing was a person giving the garment life.  As opposed to using mannequins, it would have been nice to see the clothes on an actual plus size model considering that there are so many stunning plus size models to choose from.

At Neiman Marcus, it was even worse because they are using straight size models (size 0-6) to sell plus size women’s clothing.  In what world does that make any sense?  Would you use male models to sell women’s clothes?  No. Why? Because the female customer would never know how the garment would fit her body.  The same logic applies to using straight size models to sell plus size clothing.  This is likely the reason why many of the plus size pieces were marked down, which is sad because, as you can see below, they have some pretty cute clothes.

What is even more frustrating is what will happen next, which is that they will stop selling plus size clothing altogether and they will cite some nonsense like: “plus size women don’t like fashion” or “plus size women don’t buy clothes” or some variation of that.  And the fact is that nothing could be further from the truth.  Just ask the lovely people at ASOS Curve.

You must forgive me for my long rant.  I just find it so aggravating that the plus size customer at Neiman Marcus seems to be a complete afterthought.  As a result, I am not really all that inclined to shop there, despite some of the great options that I did find (pictured above #6-9), because I get the sense that I am not valued there.

What are your thoughts on the plus size department at Neiman Marcus?

Plus Size Options At Last Call Neiman Marcus
1. Single Faux-Leather & Ponte Plus Size Dress
2. Single Two-Tone Cap-Sleeve Belted Plus Size Dress
3. Sharagano Ponte Sash-Waist Plus Size Dress
4. Sharagano Striped Textured Knit Plus Size Dress
5. Sharagano Zip-Front 4-Pocket Plus Size Shirtdress

Plus Size Options At Neiman Marcus


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