Currently Craving: Phillip Lim for Target

I’ll admit that I am not much of a Target shopper, at least not for clothes, shoes, or accessories. However, for designs from Philip Lim, I think I can make an exception.  I browsed the collection on the Target website, but felt it necessary to go to my local store to see the collection in person so that I could gauge whether this line could work for plus size women and women with curves generally.

The collection does go up to size 16 (and XL), which is great since a lot of fashionable clothes seem to stop at a size 10.  However, it would have been nice to see Target offer these pieces in larger sizes considering that they cater to such a wide demographic of customers.  Nevertheless, the pieces seem to be cut a little larger and do have some give. Above, I’ve put together some of the pieces that I love that I am pretty confident could fit a woman up to a US size 18-20.

You all know how much I love prints, especially animal print, so I purchased the animal printed skirt.  I fell in love with it when I saw Solange sporting it the other day and knew I had to have it.

To see the full collection go to  I would recommend you buy now and decide on whether you will keep the items later because, from the looks of how crazy people are going over this collection, it seems like everything will be sold out by the end of the week.
What do you all think of the collection? Will you buy any of the pieces?