Macy’s Wishlist

It seems that most of the clothing options for curvy women are online.  This is really frustrating because I’m not one for online shopping at all.  For me, it’s all about being in the store so that I can feel the fabric, try on the clothes and enjoy the atmosphere of the store.  However, recently, the clothes on has me hooked on their website.  I have checked their website everyday so I do not miss a sale and I have accumulated quite a long wishlist/saved shopping bag.  Right now there are a few dresses that I cannot wait to get my hands on.  I am particularly in love with the yellow Jessica Simpson Dress (the perfect dress for my birthday) and the printed maxi dress.  I really need to stop my crazy shopping sprees, but I just can’t control myself. 

3. Soprano Three Quarter Sleeve Dress  
4. Ruby Rox Cold Shoulder Embellished Dress
5. Love Squared Halter Beaded Printed Ruched Maxi Dress