Friends & Family @Macy’s!!!!

Confession: I spend a lot of time at Macy’s.  When I say a lot, I mean A LOT.  I am there every other day and most of the staff knows me.  Shame on me…I know, but I love Macy’s and if you are a bargain hunter like myself, you know that the key to finding a great bargain at Macy’s is shopping (but not necessarily buying) often.

Anyway, Macy’s is having their Friends and Family Event, which is very exciting for me because there is an additional 25% off of original, sale and clearance items.  This is a big deal because the coupon that you must use in order to get the discount is even applicable on designers, which almost never happens.  I decided that because this is such a big event I should go to the  Herald Square Macy’s to take advantage of the relatively larger selection and no sales tax. If you are going to the Herald Square Macy’s also, keep in mind that they are remodeling the purse area and the selection of purses is not what it was.  However, they have done a decent job of expanding the Macy’s Woman (their plus size section) department.  Be sure to check out the sale and let me know about your great finds.